About Charles Cockburn

I grew up traversing the Oregon wilderness following my father and brother on many adventures. These childhood outings sparked my love for the outdoors and ignited my passion for exploring nature’s beauty through photography.

I especially enjoy venturing to remote and unique locations and photographing scenic landscapes from a fresh perspective, capturing the raw beauty of nature, the awe-striking magnificence of a vast mountain, or the breathtaking intricacies of the smallest flower.

I find peace and solace in the process of composing an image. Photography usually involves getting out into the wilderness to observe and absorb my surroundings, paying close attention to both the vast expanses and the smallest details. Photography for me is an opportunity to share the beauty and wonder I experience while outdoors.

There is something so peaceful and calming about composing an image. I find the entire process fulfilling. Starting with the planning, deciding where and when to go, getting there, and of course, being there and concentrating on all that nature has to offer.

The experience for me involves more than just sight. It’s about engaging all of my senses. Listening to the birds, the wind, the water, and the bees, or sometimes it’s the silence helps set my mood. Smelling the trees, the flowers, the grass, and the crisp air is also part of what moves me. Touching the blades of grass, feeling the sharp edges of the rocks, feeling the cold water rush over my feet helps determine how and where I will choose to set up a shot. Even tasting the fresh glacier runoff, the berries, and the dust and dirt can make the experience unique.

I strive to set up the camera in such a way as to capture as many of these senses as possible in an image. For me, that is the challenge. To record or capture an image that conveys more than just what I see.

I want you to look at my photography and feel the way I felt while I was composing the image. I wish to evoke emotion as if you were there. So as you browse through my images, take some time, imagine being there and what your senses would pick up. Let yourself feel the briskness of the snow or the warmth of the evening sun on your face.

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