Winter Wonderland

Article by:
Julie A. Cockburn
Red berries covered in ice crystals

Don't you love winter!?

The cold, crisp air. Snuggly days spent sipping hot chocolate by the fire. Invigorating outings on the ski slopes or snowshoe trails. Relaxed evenings with a warm blanket and a good book. Winter is a wonderful season of contrasts!

We recently took a getaway to the winter wonderland of Winthrop, Washington. It was everything we hoped for - beautiful, frosty winter scapes to explore and cozy lodgings to warm up and relax.

We were lucky enough to be there when the weather conditions were just right to create stunning ice crystals on everything. Charles took the opportunity to capture an amazing collection of photos to share with you.

Enjoy this Winter Wonderland photo essay!

Frosty day above Winthrop Washington

We stayed at the wonderfully cozy and rustic Sun Mountain Lodge overlooking the quaint town of Winthrop, Washington. Nestled in the North Cascade mountains, it offers many outdoor activities right out your door both in summer and winter.

The area is known for its trail system designed for cross-country skiing. You'll also find lots of snowshoeing options if skiing isn't your thing, or mountain biking and hiking during the summer.

We woke to clear skies, and snowshoeing was on the docket for the morning. After purchasing a trail pass from the lodge, we were off!

Red berries covered in ice crystals

Freezing fog and the right atmospheric conditions create these wonderful wintery thorns. Charles was particularly interested in the branches with a few leaves and berries still hanging on.

The image above of ice crystal-encrusted berries is titled "Freshly Frozen" and is available for sale in the shop HERE.

Branches covered in ice crystals

These ice crystals were covering everything! Although they look like they would be painful to poke, they were actually very delicate. It's all just a facade!

The image above of ice-thorn covered branches is appropriately titled "Fierce Facade".

Leaves covered in ice crystals

"Prickly" is what we've titled this image of ice lined leaves. Find it for sale in the shop.

Ice crystals
Single leaf and branch covered in ice crystals

We visited the area during a quiet week in early December. Autumn was still just hanging on while winter was fiercely beginning.

This image is of a single leaf barely clinging on is titled "Hang In There".

Frosty day above Winthrop Washington
Frosty day above Winthrop Washington
Morning sun shines through ice covered branches

The morning sun appears over the horizon, beginning to gently warm the frozen landscape.

This image is titled "Frozen Morning", and can be purchased HERE.

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